Project Description

Sahara – Membership


Manage all Member data

Everything from invoicing and payments, contact details to access to the facilities at the club. Sahara helps you manage your membership quickly and efficiently.

  • Annual and Monthly Payments

  • GDPR compliant personal data management

  • Club Card statements

  • integrated email and letter creation

  • Booking history

Sahara Membership allows you to manage your members details, produce annual invoices, change their options at the club and keep a track on their activity on the course and in the bar.

It also acts as the central management for all the other modules that stay in sync. So any changes here automatically get reflected in all areas of the system.

“Sahara Membership is great. Before we had the system I had 4 separate applications to change every time a member changed their email address. Now I update it once. Saves me so much time…”.

  • Saves Time

  • Ease of Use

  • More Information

  • Fully Integrated

  • Everything in one place